20 January 2020 ; tweedie 2.3.3 - Added outputs gamma.mean and gamma.phi to tweedie.convert() - Minor fixes

15 November 2017: tweedie 2.3.1 - Updated pwteedie.series to fix a bug (reported by Lu Yang), where incorrect answers could sometimes be returned. - Other minor fixes

06 November 2017: tweedie 2.3.0 - Fixed an issue with AICtweedie, where the incorrect AIC was given when prior weights used (reported by David Scollnik) - Fixed a compilation error (in the subroutine smallp, where variables were declared as initialised (many thanks to Iñaki Úcar i.ucar86@gmail.com) - Other minor edits.

23 August 2017: tweedie 2.2.10 - Kept it even more quiet

22 August 2017: tweedie 2.2.9

19 December 2016: tweedie 2.2.5

June 2014: tweedie 2.1.9 - Some administrative fixes for CRAN

10 July 2013: tweedie 2.1.8

- Fixed an issue where ptweedie() would fail for very small y; set this to 0 when y<1.0e-300
    (based on a report by Johann Cuenin)

15 January 2013: tweedie 2.1.7 - Admin release (e.g. .First.lib() removed) - Some minor edits to manual - Added the control input to tweedie.profile() (thanks to Giri Khageswor, DPI Victoria) - Minor fixes in the manual

01 November 2012: tweedie 2.1.5 - Changed the example in tweedie-package to execute faster (CRAN requirement)

31 October 2012: tweedie 2.1.4 - Fixed an error in dtweedie() that reported NA in the case when power=1 and phi!=1 (thanks to Dina Farkas) - [dqpr]stable now in package stabledist rather then fBasics; fixed - Fixed some typos in the help for tweedie-package (thanks to Peng Yu) - rtweedie reported an error if power=1; fixed (thanks for Peng Yu) - Edits to conform with new first argument of .Fortran (i.e. .NAME rather than name) - Added NAMESPACE

09 June 2011: tweedie 2.1.0 - Changed tweedie.profile to ignore values of p/xi outside (1,2) rather than report an error. - In some unusual cases, when p/xi=0 was used (with add0=TRUE), the mle of p was between 0 and 1 (which is impossible). We report a warning message to check the data and the call to tweedie.profile(), but then set the mle to the value of p/xi giving the larger value of the likelihood - Made the functions usually called by users able to accept xi or power - A few minor edits to FORTRAN code; some variables not declared

08 June 2011: tweedie 2.0.8 - Minor fixes to documentation - Fixed the add0 input - Some minor changes to the code to tidy up adding the zero - If values of xi/p are given between 0 and 1, or less than 0, they are now omitted (with a message) rather than creating an error.
If there are no values left after omitting the problem value, an error message is given.

30 September 2010: tweedie 2.0.7 - Ensured tweedie.profile does not use power=1. This case (power=1 and phi not equal to 1) is too hard for me to deal with at present. - Fixed an error introduced in version 2.0.5, where the value of xi/vec/p.vec was set to 1.2 (y>=0) or 1.5 (y>0) when not explictly specified - Fixed an error that reported the wrong mle of phi when the mle occured at an endpoint of the given xi values.

26 August 2010: tweedie 2.0.5 - Change to dtweedie.inversion to ensure density=0 is returned when y<0 (1<p<2) or p<-0 (when p>2) - Change to tweedie.profile to fix a problem that p=1 returned an error - Changed so that tweedie.profile works withg p/xi = 0 when add0=TRUE (default is FALSE) - Fixed some minor outputting messages (when verbose==2)
- Location of CITATION file moved to correct location

12 July 2010: tweedie 2.0.4 - Minor edits

18 December 2009: tweedie 2.0.3 - Changed default p.vec: There were too many values - Added the facility to refer to p as xi in line with GLMs text

17 November 2009: tweedie 2.0.1 - Changed the default p.vec when 1<p<2 to seq(1.2, 1.8, by=0.05) (it was seq(1.2, 1.8, by=0.1) ) - Slightly changed default output (added sep="" to some paste commands) - Added AICtweedie to compute AIC for Tweedie glms

10 August 2009: tweedie 2.0.0 - Made method=“inversion” the default (was “series”) - Slightly changed default output (added sep="" to some paste commands)

tweedie 1.6.9 - An error introduced earlier (unsure when exactly; prob v 1.6.1) - In trying to identify and fix the error, tidied some of the FORTRAN code - Made do.smooth=TRUE the default (was FALSE) - If p.vec is not supplied, tweedie.profile makes a sensible guess - Made verbose=FALSE the default (was TRUE) - Made minor changes to output when verbose=FALSE

tweedie 1.6.8 - Correct error in dtweedie.saddle y=0 for 1<p,2 (Thanks to Glenn Meyers GMeyers@iso.com)

tweedie 1.6.7 - Correct error in rtweedie when power=1 and phi1 (Thanks to Frederic Gosselin frederic.gosselin@cemagref.fr)

tweedie 1.6.6 - Corrected specification of GPL; no changes to functionality, code or documentation

tweedie 1.6.5 - In dtweedie, added power==3 (inverse Gaussian) as a special case - Minor change in documentation

tweedie 1.6.4 - Added data, weights, and offset input arguments - Fixed a bug where “=>” was used rather than “>=”

tweedie 1.6.3 - Fixed a bug in tweedie.profile: exact zeros still allowed p=2 (but not p>2)

tweedie 1.6.2 - Fixed a bug in ptweedie.inversion where variable cdf was undefined - Fixed a bug in qtweedie where any(power)<1 should have been any(power<1)

tweedie 1.6.1 - Fixed error in tweedie.f (twice) where a float was used in a do-loop

tweedie 1.6 - Fixed a bug in ptweedie: It now returns 0 when y<0 (rather than reporting an error) - Fixed a bug in ptweedie.inversion: y.len was undefined - Fixed a bug in dwteedie.inversion: if( any(phi<0) ) written as if (any(phi) <0 )

tweedie 1.5.3: - Built for R version 2.6.0 - Changed the tweedie.plot to produce no default x and y labels

tweedie 1.5.2: - Built for R version 2.5.1 - Removed the inversion computation from the example for dtweedie; it was very slow and hence caused problems

tweedie 1.5.1: - Built for R version 2.5.0 - Fixed citation details - Added note in dtweedie help page indicating where the methods are defined (Dunn and Smyth, 2007). - Added tweedie-package.Rd - Fixed a small bug in dtweedie.inversion (replaced p with power)

02 May 2007: tweedie 1.5 - Built for R version 2.5 - Made change to use of pmatch in function tweedie - Swapped the order of methods 1 and 2 in the call of tweedie.inversion to make consistent with a change in the associated paper Dunn and Smyth. - Fixed an uninitialized variable error in the FORTRAN code which sometimes caused the inversion procedure to fail. - Other minor changes (fixing spelling errors, updated Dunn and Smyth reference; etc.)

04 December 2006: tweedie 1.4 - Some very minor changes (some cosmetic) in the code - Made the code more robust, exiting gracefully when Inf and NA appear in the computed log-likelihood - Slightly changed the output plot in tweedie.profile, to reflect that some value of p.vec may not have a corresponding likelihood computed accurately (or, indeed, at all) - Added new function tweedie.plot to make it easier to plot Tweedie densities

tweedie 1.02
- Built for R version 2.0.0 - Major fix: The mle estimate of phi was incorrect in tweedie.profile (thanks Sarah Lennox, QDPI&F) - Some better warnings in tweedie.profile - tweedie.profile now allows the actual computed points to be added to the plot using the do.points option (default is TRUE) - The tweedie.profile function now smooth and computes confidence intervals even when the computed likelihood values contain Infs or NAs.

tweedie 1.01
- Built for R version 1.9 - fixed a bug in rtweedie: it failed for p=2 (thanks Sarah Lennox, QDPI&F) - fixed a bug in qtweedie: it failed in some cases (thanks Gordon Smyth, WEHI) - added a proper .First.lib function (!) (thanks to James Wettenhall and Gordon Smyth, WEHI) - other minor bugs fixed - the tweedie family function removed, and package made dependent on the statmod package - updated for R version 1.9

tweedie 1.0
- Built for R version 1.7