Multiple Imputation for Causal Graph Discovery (micd)

Add-on to the R package pcalg for handling missing data in contrataint-based causal graph discovery. Supports continuous, discrete and mixed data. Two options are available: 1) gaussCItwd, disCItwd and mixedCItwd perform test-wise deletion, where missing observations are deleted as necessary on a test-by-test basis; 2) gaussMItest, disMItest and mixedMItest perform conditional independence tests on multiply imputed data. Each of these functions can be used as a plug-in to pcalg::skeleton, pcalg::pc or pcalg::fci.

Additionally, the package contains all functions required for replicating the analyses in Foraita et al. (2020).


Install the packages graph and RBGL from Bioconductor. Make sure that rtools is installed on your computer. Then, simply type in R to install micd


(Note: The latest micd was created using R 4.2.1)


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