Importing APSIM Classic and NewGeneration files

Rai Schwalbert & Adrian Correndo


1. Introduction

The metrica package was developed to assess the prediction performance of, among other, crop simulation models such as APSIM.

This vignette introduces the functionality of the metrica package applied to facilitate opening APSIM output files in R.

Import data from APSIM

1. APSIM Classic (.out)

# Obtaining filepath from package folder
apsim_out_filepath <- system.file("extdata/soybean.out", package = "metrica")

# Use import_apsim_out for APSIM Classic output
soybean.out <- metrica::import_apsim_out(filepath = apsim_out_filepath)


2. APSIM NextGeneration (.db)

# Obtaining path from package folder
apsim_db_folderpath <- system.file("extdata", package = "metrica")

# Use import_apsim_db for APSIM NextGeneration output
soybean.db <- metrica::import_apsim_db(filename = "soybean.example.db", folder = apsim_db_folderpath)


# If is already as a dataframe, the user may do the match using a simple code like this:
# PO.dataframe <- %>% left_join(., *by = "col" arg. could be required*