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(Version 0.3.0, updated on 2024-03-04, release history)


A collection of helper functions for converting selected results of manymome (Cheung & Cheung, 2023) to publication-ready tables.

It currently supports the flextable format from the flextable package. Results from manymome::many_indirect_effects() and manymome::cond_indirect_effects() can be converted to flextable objects using the method as_flextable(). They can then be exported to other formats, such as Word.

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Cheung, S. F., & Cheung, S.-H. (2023). manymome: An R package for computing the indirect effects, conditional effects, and conditional indirect effects, standardized or unstandardized, and their bootstrap confidence intervals, in many (though not all) models. Behavior Research Methods.


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