package dplyrAssist

Keon-Woong Moon


The 'dplyrAssist' is an RStudio addin for teaching and learning data manipulation using the 'dplyr' package. 
You can learn each steps of data manipulation by clicking your mouse without coding. 
You can get resultant data(as a 'tibble') and the code for data manipulation. 

Install package

You can install dplyrAssist package from github.


Usage: As an RStudio Add-in

This addin can be used to interactively manipulate a data.frame or a tibble using dplyr. The intended way to use this is as follows:

  1. Highlight a symbol naming a data.frame or a tibble in your R session, e.g. iris(1).

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

  1. Execute this addin(arrow), to interactively manipulate it.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-3

  1. When you’re done(small arrow), the code for data manipulation will be emitted at the cursor position(green rectangle).

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-4

Usage: As a regular function

You can use the dplyrAssist() function as a regular function, e.g. in a command line.

You can find full vignette here.