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The goal of babelmixr2 is to convert nlmixr2 syntax to other commonly used tools.


If we decide to submit to CRAN, you can install the released version of babelmixr2 from CRAN with:


Otherwise you can always install from GitHub:


Monolix Setup

While not required, you can get/install the R ‘lixoftConnectors’ package in the ‘Monolix’ installation, as described at the following url When ‘lixoftConnectors’ is available, R can run ‘Monolix’ directly instead of using a command line.


After installed, if you use the standard interface, you can convert to Monolix with

mod <- nlmixr(nlmixrFun, nlmmixrData, est="monolix")

or, you can convert to NONMEM with

mod <- nlmixr(nlmixrFun, nlmmixrData, est="nonmem")